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Event Autocue

We understand there are no repeat performances when conducting your events...that is why the professionals at SpeakEasy Teleprompt will be there for you from beginning to end with all the support and assistance you need - our autocue operators are often referred to as 'the calm in the storm'.


No matter what size your event - whether you've managed many events or this is your very first - SpeakEasy Teleprompt's autocue expertise will soothe any pre-performance jitters and support the best presentation(s) possible. 


With our professional staff and assistance, your event will go smoothly and achieve great results.


When a speaker delivers a highly professional presentation they effectively engage with the audience and deliver a more impactful message.


Autocue will…

• enhance the presentation and performance of the experienced or inexperienced presenter

• support a more relaxed and engaging delivery with the words at eye level

• ensure the presenter is on topic, on time and the event on schedule

• available for an entire conference or just certain presenters

• adapt for one or two lecterns, or for presenters who roam the stage utilising a plasma screen with the script scrolling


For conferences, presentations, AGMs etc. our podium or Presidential Teleprompters are popular, while we can also integrate with plasma screen displays.  We also believe the Cueword software we use is the best available anywhere in the world due to it's flexibility and ability to make script changes quickly and easily.

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