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"We have used SpeakEasy Teleprompt Qld for a major Awards Dinner for the past couple of years and would like to say that it is always a pleasure working with someone who is quick, on the ball and ready to tackle the job with professionalism each and every time.

Working in a high pressure situation is not always easy and Anne delivers 100% without question. I would not hesitate in recommending Anne at any given opportunity and we look forward to working with Anne once again"

Sandra Barreau, Creative Director, Event Production Management

"We have no hesitation in recommending Anne (Manager of SpeakEasy Teleprompt Queensland). Anne is so flexible and easy going that it makes our job so much easier. Nothing is out of the question nor to hard!

We use Anne on national awards' evenings and she makes us and our MC's look fabulous"

Marianne Edmonds, Director, Loud Events

"You did an awesome job and you make it very easy for me and for the clients. I thank you again for your work this year, very much"

Peter Puchner, Visual Event Management

"Anne (Manager of SpeakEasy Teleprompt Queensland) displays a high level of professionalism and is a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation to recommend Anne Berry.” 

Jim Maloney, Freelance Cameraman at FTV Freelance Productions

“Anne (Manager of SpeakEasy Teleprompt Queensland) is a pleasure to deal with, always available at very short notice to provide Autocue services for our News outside broadcasts.

I can certainly recommend Anne to any prospective clients.” 

Rob McCall, Broadcast Manager at Network Ten

"We have no hesitation in recommending Anne (Manager of SpeakEasy Teleprompt Queensland) for teleprompt work. We have worked with SpeakEasy for over a decade and Anne for the last two years - with excellent results every time."

Harry Scott, Director at Dolphin Creative

"Thank you so much for your calm, reliable work today, I appreciated you so much. I didn't even need to think about what you were doing, you integrated into the team perfectly and performed seamlessly. This saved so much time - which was of the essence due to the massive quantity of script our presenter had to get through. Thanks again"

Sherie Johns, Producer at Promojo

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