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What is Autocue and Teleprompt?




  1. a device which projects an enlarged image of a script on to a clear glass screen in front of a person speaking on television or in public, so enabling the speaker to read their speech while appearing to be looking at the viewers or audience.




  1. a device used to project a speaker's script on to a transparent panel in front of a television camera lens in such a way that the text remains hidden from the camera.

Simply put,  autocues and  teleprompters are devices that “prompt” the person speaking with a visual text of a speech or script. This allows the reader to read the text word for word, ensuring a consistent and accurate speech, while maintaining the illusion of spontaneity.

The Teleprompter Operator transcribes scripts or recording into readable banners or special screens that are used to prompt people to remember what they are to say. Some teleprompter information may be provided in advance in the form of audio or videotape that must be transcribed into text format.

Teleprompter Operators must also match the information on the screen with what is occurring in the scene, so it is imperative they have the ability to work in highly distracting settings and under considerable pressure.

A Teleprompter Operator needs to have excellent organisational, time management and communication skills. Since they are part of the production team, they attend planning meetings along with operating the teleprompter during the event or filming. They also possess a  professional working knowledge of the language used in the industry, and are able to work with various individuals with different speech patterns.

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